Tour Description:

With a great infrastructure that includes 130 miles of authorized trails, Tantauco Park offers visitors more than 110 thousand hectares of native forest and peatlands, along with a variety of endemic wildlife.

For those who do not have plenty of time to explore the park, we offer this full day trip to make the trail “Sendero Rio Yaldad” Leaving early from Castro, heading south, we´ll arrive to Yaldad area, and leave our car to check in and begin hiking along a trail for about a mile into a dense forest where predominate Tepú (Tepualia stipularis) with associations of Mañio (Podocarpus nuvigenus) and Coigues(Nothofagus dombeyi) . After nearly two hours walking, we arrived at the visitor’s center on the banks of the lagoon Yaldad, where we enjoy our picnic before returning along the main road to our car and from there to Castro.