Tour Description:

From Castro we head north, to Quemchi. From there begins a full day cultural trip, for visit beautiful rural spots and three of the sixteen wooden churches, under UNESCO Protection for their recognition as human world heritage. At Quemchi we’ll do a short visit for the main points of the town. Later we’ll continue through secondary roads, towards Aucar chapel and later Colo, for visit its church, dated from XIX century and have lunch with a local family.

Afterwards, we´ll continue traveling along Chiloé Island until the village of Tenaún, where it´s located the only church with three towers. Our last visit will be the village of San Juan, and its tradition of “carpenters of the brooks”. In San Juan, we´ll visit the church of the same name; build it on 1887, and also under the UNESCO protection.

Late that afternoon, we´ll back to Castro.