Tour Description:

The archipelago of Chiloé it´s home of several bird species that live all year round or as a spot for those who come to feed or nest during their summer migration. Large groups of Husdonian Godwit (Limosa Haemastica) or the Brown-hooded gull (Larus Maculipennis) or couples of Rindeg Kingfisher (Megaceryle Torquata) are easy to watch in the abundant wildlife of Chiloé, This five- day program goes from the deep forests, the wet-lands, and coast line to watch, many birds as it posible accompanied by a local guide.

Day 1: Shuttle and trip to Cailín, Ancud and Puñihuil penguin colony to birdwatching.

Day 2:
Kayak at dawn in Chepu River.

Day 3:
Visit to Bahía Pullao birdwatching center and Quinchao Island.

Day 4: Full day trip to Chiloé National Park and Punta Pirulil.

Day 5: Shuttle to Puerto Montt.