Tour Description:

This tour is excellent for those nature lovers, as we´ll visit some places of the Heritage Route, Chiloé Archipelago:”Wetlands, birds and culture”, program developed by CECPAN (center for research and conservation of natural heritage) as part of the “conservation of shorebirds of Chiloé’s” and the “Hemispheric Network for Reserves of Migratory Bird´s or WHSRN. In the morning, we´ll drive from Castro to Peninsula de Rilán, where the birding center Bahía Pullao it’s located. In this wetland, we will learn about some of the species that inhabit this bay and we´ll be able to make an excellent observation from the   camouflaged shelter built at the edge of the beach. After the visit we headed for Dalcahue, where we stop for have lunch, before aboard the ferry towards Quinchao Island. Once in Quinchao, we´ll visit the Chullec wetland, which also part of the heritage route, where we will observe shorebirds. Our last visit will be the church of Achao, declared a World Heritage Site and one of the oldest in the archipelago. In the afternoon we returned to Castro.