Tour Description:

From Castro we head north to the city of Ancud where we’ll have plenty of time to take in the points of interest. Afterwards we’ll travel along the Western coast of the Island to Puñihuil  to see the penguin colony. With our life jackets secured and a little help from the tide currents we’ll be minutes away from the nesting grounds of both the Humboldt and Magallanes Penguin colonies. Large groups of marine bird species also contribute to the spectacle.
We’ll return to the beach just in time to relish some typical Chilote fare at lunchtime. Afterwards, we will have just enough time to warm up the car before heading back to Castro.

*NOTE: The boating services are delivered by the company Bahía puñihuil that provides boat trip services to Chiloetnico. Both companies are registrated in SERNATUR.