— About Us —

During a visit to Chiloé Island over 15 years ago, and during his work as an agronomist, Juan Pablo knew straight away that one day he will go back and settle down at this amazing area, was then when Chiloétnico began as a small tourism agency focused in outdoor activities with a strong emphasis on the living culture of the island: its people.
In 2007 he met Karin and together decide to innovate and to give a new impetus to Chiloétnico, thereby becoming the first tour operator specialized in cyclotourism on Chiloé Island, and finally in 2009 they settled Chiloétnico’s base of operations permanently in the city of Castro.
Since then, Chiloétnico’s tourism agency has never stopped looking for new ways to innovate its tours, designing day trips and long-term programs that roam the island, which not only show the infinite beauty of its geography, that it seems to change with every tide, but also, showing the idiosyncrasies of the people who lives here, so all our programs and tours will link you not only with the landscape and nature, as well with the local food, people, stories and of course, all the outdoor activities that Chiloé Island has to offer.
Whether walking or pedaling, we firmly believe in transmit travel experiences that enrich and create consciousness through the respect for local communities, its environment and history.